The following cases relate to 2014 when oil was at a high of $114 per barrel. We were able to negotiate very good rates at that time. However, with oil below $50 per barrel (September 2016) our current gas rates start at 1.5 pence per kilowatt hour (depending on size of supply) and electricity is in the region of 10.5 pence per kilowatt hour (depending on location.

Case Study 1

Saving Money Through Competitive Quotes

The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust is an Independent Charity offering a unique Shakespeare centred experience. It has outstanding archive and library collections, inspiring educational and literary event programmes and five wonderful houses all directly relating to Shakespeare. The Trust is funded entirely by income generated through visitors, volunteers, donors and Friends. Like many independent museums, it receives no public subsidies or direct grant from government.
With more than 38 gas and electricity supplies it is essntial to ensure its energy costs are kept as low as possible. The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust joined the Energy Action Group and was provided with free no-obligation quotes, with all charges included. These quotes were extremely competitive and the Trust has accepted them for the next three years, meaning that they won’t be susceptible to any price hikes that occur during this time. The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust has chosen not to join a bulk buying energy group, but by joining the Energy Action Group and gaining more competitive energy quotes, it will be making a number of significant savings. One is illustrated below:-

Unit Charge before the Energy Buying Group
Electricity 16.84p( per kWh)
Reduced to 11.004( per kWh)

Current Price: 10.678 (1/9/2016)
Gas 5.75 ( per kWh)
Reduced to 2.898( per kWh)

Current price 1.906 (1/9/2016)

Shakespeare Birthplace Trust was provided with free no-obligation quotes, all charges included, which they accepted for the next three years, meaning that they won’t be susceptible to any price hikes that occur during this time. This resulted in a number of significant savings (see above).

Case Study 2

Managing a Multiple Site Energy Supply

The Goodwin Trust is a Social Enterprise based in Hull offering people across the city a range of business and social services. As Goodwin has grown it has moved from occupying a single site in the early 1990s to working across 38 sites in 2014.
Working across so many sites, the Goodwin Trust was beginning to struggle to manage almost 50 separate energy supplies. As a result many contract termination dates were being missed and supplies were being rolled-over onto extremely costly tariffs.
Through joining the Energy Action Group it was possible to undertake an urgent ‘housekeeping’ exercise. Every single supply was audited and data gathered on all the relevant meter and consumption details, verifying current contract end dates. It was found that a lot of supplies were on ‘out of contract rates’ which meant Goodwin were able to escape quickly from these supplies. Out of contract tariffs can be more than double a supplier’s standard tariff, so it important to get out of them quickly.
We were able to extricate Goodwin from many high tariffs and replace them with cost effective short-term contracts designed to align with the start of an Energy Action Group bulk buying basket.
To conclude, by collecting and verifying all energy supply data, clarity of supply information was created. Moreover, savings were gained by freeing Goodwin from many ‘out of contract’ supplies and putting short term contracts in place. Finally, these short-term contracts were aligned with an end date that will enable Goodwin to enter into a bulk buying basket, and reduce their energy costs further.
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