• Do you use more than 100,000 kWh of gas or electricity a year?
  • Does your contract end before July 2017?
  • Do you pay for your business gas by Direct Debit?

Energy Buying Groups and Energy Management for your Trade Association and Members

If your organisation operates a membership scheme The Energy Action Group provides a proven path to help your members reduce their operating costs and participate in energy efficiency programs.

Touchstone's Energy Action Group is providing a new way for UK businesses, museums, heritage attractions and charities to cut energy costs and gain energy advice. Working in partnership with a host of organisations of all sizes to:

What does membership of The Energy Action Group provide?
Touchstone has in depth experience of working with Membership Organisations delivering valuable benefits such as the ability to participate in large ‘Energy Baskets’ with a host of like-minded organisation’s as well as obtain bespoke pricing from a wide range of suppliers.

Your Bills

Our specialists will assist you in managing and monitoring your monthly energy spend

Energy Audit

We offer consultancy across a diverse range of industries and help you find where energy wastage is occurring

The Energy Action Group

A proven path to reduced energy procurement costs

Our services include: Dealing with all contract renewals and account issues. Helping get new gas and electricity services and meters installed. Regularly update members with information on energy issues including market conditions, energy efficiency and government incentives. Energy Management services. Regular membership status reports to a dedicated person within your organisation. By participating in this scheme your organisation can generate much needed income via a simple commission or referral fee structure.

How does it work?
All we need is a Letter of Authority from your members and copies of recent bills. We then work towards aligning the contract end dates of all your members' energy supplies. This results in a large 'basket' of energy consumption which is taken far more seriously than individual ad hoc tenders. We can brand this basket under your own logo (see here for an example).

Members can pool together either individual supplies or groups of sites.

Finally, all the other baskets within The Energy Action Group are joined together to create very large baskets of both gas and electricity.

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