Solar energy update; future plans

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It seems that the United Kingdom is increasing its progress in solar energy technology, and experts suggest that the country is steadily moving towards a new era of subsidy-free renewable energy.

The recent advances in battery storage technology, combined with the falling costs of implementing solar energy projects will, according to Aurora Energy Research, facilitate approximately £20 billion of investment.

Between now and 2030, approximately half of subsidy-free renewables built in the UK will be solar panels, with wind turbines and farms accounting for the majority of the other half. While the subsidy cuts enacted by the government in 2015 hampered the solar energy field, it has been steadily improving due to new energy storage technology, allowing the captured energy to be saved and used when needed, instead of being used the instant it is generated. Last year, in 2017, the UK’s first subsidy-free solar farm opened, which has paved the way for more investment in solar renewable energy.

As such, the government has downgraded the amount of new gas power capacity estimated to be needed by 2030 to 7GW from 22GW. This represents a huge reduction and shows that the UK is well on the way to meeting it’s national energy reduction targets, assuming that these projects go ahead without any problems.

This will have huge implications for businesses. By having so much more energy produced by solar power, at lower prices than traditional fossil fuel based energy, utility prices for any company using these services are expected to decrease. Companies will find it far easier to meet their corporate social responsibility targets by using solar energy, and with customers becoming increasingly conscious of firm’s energy credentials, and making purchasing decisions based on this, using solar energy can only be win-win for businesses.

However, these are expected plans, and while the foundations for excellent solar power facilities combined with lower prices seem to be in place, there is no guarantee that these will come to fruition.

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