Metering of electricity, gas and water with Smart Metering Solutions


Our Smart Metering Solutions provide an independent end to end service from installation to data management.

Using the latest metering and logging technology we provide a range of metering and logging solutions for electricity, gas and water with half-hourly profile consumption data. For automatic monitoring and targeting, sub tenant billing or sub metering solutions.


Smart meter data analysis

Monitor and reduce utility costs with one of the most advanced, web based Smart Meter solutions available

The Digital Energy platform is a comprehensive and intuitive utilities monitoring and targeting suite. It provides an impressive range of techniques for managing all aspects of utility-related data. The platform is user friendly and available online.

Being a fully scalable product, it is suitable for use across any industry sector and companies of any size. The software offers up to 100 different reports to help you understand your energy use.

Smart Meter benefits

  • Effective energy management – know where, when, how and why you use energy. Are you wasting energy?
  • Targetting – Set yourself usage targets and monitor results
  • Improve your tariffs – Based on your energy usage date it may be possible to improve your tariffs with the suppliers
  • Reporting – With timely and accurate data you will receive accurate bills which will allow you to compare sites and initiate best practice guidelines
  • No more estimated bills – Eliminate the need for onsite meter reading or manual bill validation, as well as wasteful paperwork
  • Improved budgeting – With accurate data you can improve your budgeting and cash flow projections
  • Reduce administration costs – You will no longer need to spend time checking and validating your bills. They will be based on accurate and up to date information


Meter Installation

We provide a full installation service for all of your metering solutions. This process is typically initiated with a site survey to determine the best locations for the metering and logging devices. All installation work is carried out by qualified engineers.

Smart meters enable businesses to manage energy usage:


  • Half-hourly consumption information
  • Daily meter reads
  • Clear graphical presentation and comparisons
  • Benchmark sites to identify best and worst performance
  • Bill validation
  • Efficiency Monitoring and Targeting

For a full explanation of smart metering visit our dedicated Smart Meter website:

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