Independent energy suppliers are shaking up the energy market

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Over the past few years, the UK energy market has seen a lot of scrutiny over prices by both the media and the government. In conjunction with this, and perhaps due to this fact, the big six’s market share has also been dropping, hitting a record low of 78% for gas and 78% for electricity back in December 2017.

These companies have continued to come under fire from the government this year too and have had to deal with numerous industry challenges and regulatory changes, which are continuing to give them trouble. As such, while the big six are still the big six, they are no longer as big as they were – their power is being slowly but surely eroded by independent energy suppliers.

Independent energy suppliers have been slowly making inroads into the oligarchic market share that is held by the big six. New entrants into the market, combining more competitive deals and unique selling points often focusing on the environment or sustainability challenges, are increasing the competition in the energy market. This sudden shift can only be good for businesses, especially Museums.


A change in business mindset

There is still a reluctance for SMEs and charities, including museums, to switch energy suppliers, as the time and resources required to find a better deal act as an impediment. However, independent energy firms are providing comparison prices to the Energy Action Group in order to help members make like for like comparisons. By offering specialist deals independent energy firms are starting to capitalise on the businesses that the large energy firms have always assumed they will own. This somewhat lax approach to their customer marketing strategy has ended up costing them, and many independent firms have been quick to move in on this.

However, this does not mean that an independent energy supplier will necessarily be able to offer you a better deal, and if you have any queries about finding the best energy supplier for your business, then it is well worth getting a professional company to offer you some assistance.

At AIM EAG (Energy Action Group) Touchstone can help your museum access the entire energy market and potentially make significant savings in your energy bills as well as help you to improve the way you manage your energy usage. By working closely with clients, they quickly establish their needs and create tailored and bespoke solutions for all of their energy problems. For more information about the services Touchstone offer get in touch at

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