How to save water and money in your business

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Water efficiency is a hot topic at the moment within the business sector. When you look at the reasons behind it, you can see why it is a key concern for many organisations. In pure business terms, improving water efficiency will reduce consumption and cut operating costs. Less water used means that you pay less on your bill! However, just as important for water efficiency is operating in a more conscious manner. We all know that energy management is crucial now to help protect the planet and preserve the water supplies we have.

If you are looking for some effective water management tips, then the below should help.


Take regular meter readings

If you do not do this currently then taking regular meter readings is a must. This will help you to compare what you are being charged against what you are actually using. Doing this will not only help prevent over-paying but also enable you to spot potential issues like leaks. If your water consumption is rising dramatically each month, for example, this may be the sign of water escaping from your pipes somewhere.


Educate staff

Probably the biggest waste of water in your company will come from staff. From people leaving taps dripping to a fresh bowl of water being used to wash up just one cup, they can be bad for water efficiency. Try to educate staff on using only the water they need too and to be vigilant about waste. This could be in the form of posters displayed in kitchens or regular verbal reminders.


Cut back on hot water use

Of course, there are always times when hot water is essential for hygiene purposes. However, making sure it is only used when necessary is great for water efficiency. Hot water costs up to four times as much as cold due to the energy used in heating it – cutting back on hot water usage, therefore, will save on your energy use and costs.


Let Touchstone Energy Management Services help

If you want to take positive steps to manage all of your business energy costs then get in touch today. Our innovative online Smart Meter platform will give you all the information needed to boost your water efficiency. We have worked with many businesses in the past to help them save money and adopt a greener approach to energy use.

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