How gas prices impact your restaurant or cafe

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Gas prices have been on the rise for a while, which might have left you wondering how your restaurant is going to cope. Heating is essential for all food outlets, with many businesses cranking up the temperature even outside of winter months to keep customers comfortable. It might seem like the answer is to reduce consumption by switching off, but this isn’t always possible, so owners may be tempted to cut operating costs in other areas to achieve balance. Either way, hiking up the prices is sure to have a knock-on effect on the restaurant industry, so what steps might we see being taken?

Zoned heating

Did you know that some buildings are actually warmer inside during the winter than in the summer? This is all thanks to unregulated heating and blasting that hot hair just because we seem to be in for a white Christmas. But it’s not the way to go and area or radiator thermostats can help your restaurant maintain an even temperature where it is needed.

The concept of zoned heating means you won’t be wasting precious resources (or cash) on warming areas of the building nobody is using. Rather than flipping a switch to turn your whole restaurant into a blazing inferno, control different areas separately. This is especially important to remember during off-peak hours when your premises are half-empty. A strategic setup of seating customers in clusters could become the norm because if nobody is currently using the back room, it doesn’t need to be heated.


When strolling down the high street most restaurants have their doors flung wide, signalling to passers-by that they’re open. This could all soon change, however, as businesses choose to conserve energy and trap heat. If you’re concerned about how this might affect your profits, then make sure you use obvious signage to attract people or use a two-door system to avoid cold air continuously rushing into the dining areas.

Restaurant owners will have to be much more aware and careful with their gas usage from now on. For more information on what higher gas prices could mean for you, drop us a message today. Here at Touchstone Services, we’re committed to keeping your business on top of all your energy costs.

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