How energy management can help you in your supply chain

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A wider public engagement with environmental concerns has led to greater awareness, through all supply chains, of the importance of good energy management.

Grassroots sustainability

As a responsible business, you may already have found yourself seeking out suppliers who meet your green credentials. You may be choosing sustainable paper, or opting for companies that keep their carbon footprint to a minimum by cutting down on unnecessary deliveries or committing to reduce air miles.

While you are focusing on your own suppliers, your clients and customers are going to be focused on you. And how do you satisfy them? Historically, businesses have turned to an ad-hoc approach, promoting quick wins and easy headlines. You may have introduced a cycle to work scheme or raised money for a green charity.

Green certification

While there’s certainly merit in these projects, modern global business is turning to a more coordinated approach. With environmental management systems such as ISO14001 becoming increasingly popular across the world, the contemporary business would be wise to embrace a more strategic approach to how it addresses its environmental objectives. Whether you are motivated by an ethical role as a global citizen or you wish to provide more compelling clout to your tenders, a structured management system is certainly worth your consideration.

Environmental Management Systems

Management systems such as ISO14001 talk about business aspects and impacts, with an aspect being something that your business does that has the potential to impact the environment, and the impact being the way in which the environment is altered. Using energy as an example, your consumption of gas and electricity would be your environmental aspect. Unless you opt for renewable sources, your impact would be increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and a contribution to global warming.

It will be no surprise to learn that, for most businesses, energy usage is the greatest environmental aspect within their operations. Whether you embrace a management system or devise your own methodological approach, your environmental impact is likely to be lessened if you bring more awareness into the energy you use.

Take control today

A successful Environmental Management System starts with control, and at Touchstone Energy Management we have all the tools you need to get a full picture of your energy usage. Whether you’re seeking certification under ISO14001 or you just wish to develop your business’s corporate social responsibility, contact us today to learn more about how your business could benefit from an Energy Management System.

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