How cutting your energy consumption can entice customers

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Given that anthropomorphic climate change has become a well-established fact within the scientific community, and that many individuals are actively trying to help combat this global problem through lifestyle changes, increased recycling, and greater energy management, it’s no surprise that this has filtered into consumer buying behaviours. As well as looking for low prices and high quality, many consumers are also factoring the sustainability of the company when making purchasing decisions. As such, for any company who is looking to increase their customer base and establish loyal buyers, it is well worth considering your energy management, and seek to reduce consumption.

At Touchstone Services, we are well versed in companies seeking to reduce consumption and entice buyers, as well as using this as an opportunity to cut operating costs too, and as such we have produced a short guide on how reducing your energy consumption will entice customers.


1. Customers will react to sustainable companies

It has been proven through multiple studies that consumers are now, more than ever, factoring the sustainability of a company into their choices. As such, by cutting your energy consumption, you are actively making your company more sustainable due to its reduced carbon footprint, along with a reduction in the release of other pollutants.


2. CSR matter

CSR, or Corporate Social Responsibility, is also highly valued by customers, and any attempts to prove that your company is working to meet their expected requirements can only reflect positively on your brand. Along with cutting energy consumption, CSR also involves seeking to promote better working rights, and supporting ethics on both a community and global level, so actively trying to meet your CSR targets will be recognised.


3. Cheaper production costs can lead to lower prices for customers

As well as using cutting energy costs to help with environmental factors, it also has a significant financial benefit for your company. A reduction of energy usage will lead to lower operational costs for your business, and some of these can be passed onto consumers. Lower prices of the end product will help to entice everyone to your brand, as people will always respect greater value for money.

At Touchstone Services, we pride ourselves on quality energy management for our clients, helping them to reduce their overall energy consumption and energy costs through bespoke and tailored strategy. For more information, please contact us today.

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