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Outstanding results of the Queens Hotel Water Project

Queens Hotel Water Project
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The Queens Hotel is a 110 bedroom hotel with a leisure centre and swimming pool based in a prime area of central Bournemouth. The management have taken a highly proactive stance on energy and water efficiency. Their stated objective is to be ‘The Greenest Hotel in Bournemouth’.
After installing high efficiency boilers and LED lighting it was decided that a review of water usage should be undertaken The hotel has four main water use areas: – guest accommodation, food preparation and bar areas, swimming pool, and leisure centre and toilets.
Touchstone carried out a review to identify the processes responsible for the usage and prioritise the area that would yield the best results in a reasonable time.
It became clear that guest usage of showers was a prime area for analysis.
The hotel has a high level of occupancy throughout the year and this resulted in a very large amount of hot water being used. There are a total 113 showers in use and the installed showers provided a flow rate of 15 litres per minute which is not unusual nor particularly excessive.
The average time a UK resident spends in the shower is 9 minutes and this would account for 135 litres of HOT water being used for each shower. Given the level of double occupancy this would mean each room would account for around 200 litres of hot water per day. With a 68% occupancy rate for the 113 showers this amounts to 15,350 litres of HOT water per day!
The subsequent installation of low flow showers paid for itself in 11 months.

Customer feedback:

“Installing these uniquely powerful showerheads wasn’t a gamble at all, but it sure has had a big payback. We installed more than 4,500 of these water-efficient showerheads four years ago, and we haven’t had a single complaint regarding the low flow or pressure since. In fact, we received a number of inquiries from guests wishing to purchase these showerheads for their homes, family and friends.”
Fritz Brunner, Former Vice President of Property Maintenance for the MGM Grand, Las Vegas
“… the Oxygenics technology is pleasing to our guests and a substantial energy-saver.”
Jim Hartigan, Vice President of Quality Assurance/Guest Assistance for
Hilton Hotel Corporation


“Our experience with the ETLXL600 has been fantastic! We chose your product after testing a variety of showerheads and found the ETL model delivered a superior performance to all others. One thing in particular that we noticed was the ETL showerhead is designed without a typical restrictor, which students try to remove. Other models that use restrictors don’t match this feature. In the end, your showerhead gives such a great performance that our customers aren’t even thinking about how to get more water from the showerhead, reducing vandalism and maintenance.
The annual water savings we documented from the Undergraduate Residence project exceeds 12 million gallons. We are expecting another 14 million gallons from our Graduate Housing project which we have just completed. From a financial perspective, the payback on both projects was less than a year including water and sewer savings.”
Robert Kolar, Energy Coordinator of Student Housing
Stanford University

Fitness Centres

“The Washington Athletic Club in Seattle saves in excess of $75,000 per year in water and sewer costs by using the Resort Spa showerhead. Adding in the reduced cost as a result of heating less water for showering and our savings reach 6 figures. And best of all, the product works. Our members and guests are very satisfied with the Resort Spa head. It does deliver an invigorating shower just as advertised… Concerns about getting a good rinse from a reduced flow head were allayed immediately after the skeptics tried if for themselves.
Showerhead maintenance is a thing of the past. The heads do not plug, rust, or foul in any manner. They don’t break or wear out either. Not a sing head has been replaced in our 4 plus years.”
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