Evaluating, monitoring and negotiating the best possible tariffs for your business


By reviewing your current energy bills we can establish whether your rates and billing are correct, if your meter profile and charges are right and that you are being billed according to your actual consumption. The bills will also reveal your contract end date and what period of termination is applicable.

We make it easy to compare business energy tariffs

Our process includes:

  • Validating your supply details and consumption
  • Providing clear and concise quotations showing like-for-like prices
  • Ensuring that the tariff type is best suited to your needs
  • Helping you evaluate the offers with recommendations as to contract length and supplier
  • Identify pass-through and non-fixed elements
  • Discuss whether you are suited to Basket Purchasing

It has to be said that obtaining the best energy prices for any organisation is a basic principle, however, there is another, more important action to undertake, and this one will save you more and for longer. That is by reducing your consumption.

A reasonable target is 10%. The first step is to take advantage of the latest Smart Metering advances. Simply by monitoring the time and amount of energy you use throughout the day could save you hundreds, if not thousands of pounds.

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