Reducing your Energy Consumption is the surest way to reduce your energy costs


Energy can be a major business cost, just like raw material or labour. Companies can achieve substantial reduction in energy bills by implementing simple housekeeping measures. Reduction and control of energy usage is vital for any organisation.

  • Reduces costs: Reducing cost is the most compelling reason for saving energy. In a Carbon Trust trial, companies achieved a 12% annual saving simply by using smart metering in conjunction with energy management principles.
  • Enhance your reputation and reduce carbon emissions: Reducing energy consumption also reduces carbon emissions and adverse environmental effects. Reducing your organisation’s carbon footprint helps build a ‘green’ image thereby generating good business opportunities; and
  • Reduce risk: Reducing energy use helps reduce risk of energy price fluctuations and supply shortages.

Both business leaders and customers want companies to do more to tackle environmental and social issues, according to the results of a recent survey.

The recent Survey reveals a widespread belief that programmes aimed at tackling social and environmental issues will also deliver commercial benefits.

The primary objectives of energy management are to achieve and maintain the best possible energy tariffs whilst simultaneously reducing energy consumption.

As time progresses energy management becomes more effective. A detailed understanding of how, when and where you are using (or wasting) your energy will give you the information you need to implement energy saving strategies.

Energy reduction is a long term objective and it is important that energy awareness becomes embedded in the culture of your organisation.

You can reap great benefits by:

  • Reducing your energy use over the long term
  • Cutting your costs year on year
  • Meeting your carbon reduction targets
Initial Process

Analyse your energy bills:
Your invoices will tell you how much energy you are using, and what tariff you are paying. Make sure you understand them and that their information is accurate.

See what systems are in place
Do you have enough data available to properly assess how efficiently your company is using energy?

Investigate new metering and reporting technologies
New metering systems offer advanced collection and recording techniques and various display options.

Monitor energy use and improve
Relate the amount of energy you use to likely influencing factors – for example: weather and levels of production. This will help you to better understand how your company is using energy and where it is being waste.

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