Smart meters empower the consumer

Smart Meters empower energy users to make choices on how much gas and electric they use.


They work through two-way communication systems that display accurate real-time information on energy use in the business to the consumer, and back to the energy supplier.

In addition, Smart Meters enable:

  • Flexible tariffs that measure consumption over set time periods.
  • Suppliers will be able to differentiate their tariffs and services through offering alternative means of displaying energy consumption – i.e. through mobiles, the internet or via digital TV
  • Improved accuracy of forecasting energy demand at different times of the day
  • Conserving energy is important, not only because it saves you money, but because it will have a real impact on the environment, and smart meters can help you achieve this
We provide a solid and robust gas Smart Meter and data collection solution designed to give you back control of your costs.
Many of the energy suppliers have their own metering solutions that can be installed for little or no cost, but the costs of these services are generally reflected in a customer’s tariff. It is often better to have an independent solution that is independent of any particular supplier. This is particularly true when it comes to changing supplier at a future date.
Fortunately there is an active and competitive market for smart meter operation services within the UK for both electric, (NHH and HH) and gas. Customers, particularly those with multi-sites, can often realise significant cost savings and service enhancements by sourcing a national agreement.
  • Qualified technicians can fit Smart Meter equipment to many meters in less than an hour with no disruption to your supply.
Our energy software solutions offer up to 100 different reports to help you understand your energy use.
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