Providing Development Trusts, Social Enterprises and the Third Sector reduced Utility Bills, energy advice and access to energy efficient technologies.

Why join the DTA Wales Energy Action Group?

The Energy Action Group is a new way to cut energy costs. This large scale energy buying group, which was first piloted in Wales by the Development Trusts Association, has been a huge success. Working in partnership with Touchstone Services we have combined our expertise in the energy market to help our clients save money on energy bills as well as invest in energy saving equipment and improve energy efficiency.

How do I sign up?

Joining the Energy Action Group is free of charge, and the group will manage all the negotiations in getting the best energy prices for you, leaving you free to run your organisation.

To join the Energy Action group, all you need to do is complete a Letter of Authority and send it, along with a scanned copy of your latest energy bill to the DTA Wales Energy Action Group. You can download the Letter of Authority from the Resources section of this page.

What is the Letter of Authority?

The Letter of Authority gives DTA Wales and Touchstone Services authority to review your current energy bill and negotiate an energy contract on your behalf. To complete the Letter of Authority you need to print a copy onto your organisation’s headed paper, sign it and send a scanned version back to the DTA Wales Energy Action Group, along with a copy of your latest energy bill.

What happens next?

DTA Wales will review your bill, contact your current supplier and check your total usage. When they contact your current supplier they will request that you are not put on a higher tariff as you enter your contract renewal period; this is known as terminating your contract. You might find your current supplier sends a new quote at this point, but you do not need to sign up for a new contract unless you choose to.  If you do decide to change energy suppliers, you will not be cut off!


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Letter of Authority – Word document


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Want to find out more about the Energy Action Group?

The Energy Action Group was established in 2010 in response to the perception of unfair treatment and predatory pricing by energy suppliers and (some) disreputable energy brokers. It was set up as a partnership between Development Trusts Association Wales (DTAW) and Touchstone Energy Management Services. Subsequent years have seen additional organisations join, including Locality, the Association of Independent Museums and DTA Scotland.

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