Common energy management mistakes for businesses

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All UK businesses now know how essential it is to manage their energy consumption. Cutting the amount that you use will not only save your business money but also mean you work in an environmentally friendly way. This last point is very important in the modern business world. Many consumers now will only engage with a company that puts the environment first and behaves in an ethical manner.

This can naturally lead you to decide that energy management should become a key business priority. However, before you jump in, it is wise to know the most common mistakes to avoid.


Not getting your staff onboard

Probably the biggest mistake that many UK companies make is not engaging their staff with the process. To really manage your energy successfully, your whole organisation needs to be involved. From the cleaners to the office leaders, everyone must buy into what you do. This is easily achieved by talking to staff about how important this is first and then involving them in setting out how you will all go about your plan. It is also vital to show that the senior management team are following the same energy management guidelines as everyone else.


Working in the dark

We are not talking about turning off all your lights here – this would be too extreme! Instead, this refers to not auditing your current energy use before making any future plans. A thorough audit is crucial, as it will show how efficient your energy management is currently and which areas you can improve in. Without this information, you could be focusing your efforts in the wrong places.


Not having a proper energy management plan

Once you have the audit information, you need to turn it into a written energy management plan. This will ensure that you have clearly defined goals, methods to achieve them and do not work in an ad-hoc fashion. Make sure that all staff have the plan and know what they can do to help make it work.


Let Touchstone help manage your energy

If you feel that you need some expert help with energy management, give us a call today. We can not only provide a free energy audit but also help you draw up an energy management plan afterwards. Our innovative service has helped many UK businesses slash their energy consumption – get in touch today for more details.

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