Collective energy purchasing is an affordable energy management solution for businesses

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The price of energy can be a hefty cost for businesses of any kind, yet there are solutions which can make energy purchases far more affordable. One of these that can be ideal for business organisations and charities or non profits is to consider group buying. Collective energy purchase can really cut the cost of energy supplies and help ensure cash is diverted to areas where it can really make a difference.

What is group buying for energy?

Group energy purchase refers to collective energy deals set up as a result of negotiations between business energy customers and energy suppliers. It’s possible to arrange exclusive energy contracts via this process and the combined purchasing power of the collective ensures the most attractive prices.

So how does business energy collective purchasing actually work?

Once a year Touchstone run a group energy buying basket (The Energy Action Group) for those clients with contracts starting at the same time. The principle is simple but it relies on good buying relationships and well organised bulk tendering. Participation carries no additional cost and members are free to choose the offer that suits them best. You’ll find that group buying can really cut energy costs and provide additional cash flow to help your organisation grow.

Take a look at our Energy Action Group Frequently Asked Questions page for more details.

Touchstone provide B2B energy management solutions for business clients, charities and third sector organisations. Get in touch to find out more.

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