A few examples of the ways we have helped our customers

Case Studies

Here are examples of services Touchstone has carried out for some of our customers

Lighting Efficiency in the Hotel Industry.

LED Lighting Retrofit of MR16 Spotlights at a large Bournemouth Hotel

Smart metering: Managing and monitoring gas consumption.

A large comprehensive school achieves a 42% reduction simply by implementing smart metering.

Securing better energy costs:

Gas & Electricty contract procurement

Solar PV panels: Proposal and installation

bring reduced energy costs and an income to Birds Hill Nursing Home

Water Efficiency in the Hotel Industry.

Water and Gas saving Low Flow Shower Heads

Super-Efficient Boilers

with Passive Flue Gas Heat Recovery for Heating and Hot Water System

How to Manage Multi-Site Energy Supplies:

Multiple Meters, Multiple Supply Sites, Multiple Suppliers, Multiple Contracts and Multiple Contract End Dates.

Salford Hospital – The Christie Unit:

CHP technology offers significant energy cost savings and CO2 emission reductions

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