A brief guide to Display Energy Certificates for businesses

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Display Energy Certificates, also known and DECs, are certificates that show the energy usage and performance of non-domestic buildings, based on their actual usage and energy management and consumption figures. These certificates measure the building’s energy rating between A and G, with A being the most efficient, and G being the worst. This rating is based not only on the actual usage of energy, but also the performance potential of the building and its services, and each report comes with an advisory report which suggests how the building could improve on its energy efficiency, both through physical changes, such as improved insulation, as well as changes in practices of people using the building.


Who needs a DEC?

All public buildings which have a total usable floor area of 250m^2 or above must by law have a DEC. In this sense, a public building is a building which is publicly occupied, such as an office block, or one which is regularly visited by members of the public, including libraries and museums. This certificate must be displayed at all times, in a prominent place, and must be no smaller than A3 in design. Noncompliance to these regulations, or failure to show a DEC, can lead to heavy fines.


What does a DEC show?

The most prominent thing on a DEC is the operational rating of the building, which quickly and obviously illustrates the energy efficiency on the A – G scale. Within this scale, it also shows the ‘typical’ energy efficiency of a comparable building, so that the reader can understand how energy efficient the building is in relation to others.

DECs will also clearly show the total CO2 emissions of the building, broken down into electricity, heating and renewables, and will also show previous operational ratings from past years, showing how the building has performed over time and whether it has been able to reduce consumption.

At Touchstone Energy Management Services, we understand how important a good DEC can be to your business. Since it is publicly viewed, it is important to have your DEC showing that your building is as efficient as possible, in order to prove your businesses’ green credentials, as well as showing that you are working hard to achieve your corporate social responsibility policy. For advice on improving your DEC, or assistance in other energy management matters, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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