The business benefits of electric vehicles

Back in 2013, only 3,500 of the vehicles registered that year were hybrid electric vehicles or plug-in, full electrically powered machines. At the end of 2017, the figure had increased almost [...]

Business guide to the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard

The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard came into force in April 2018, and new legal minimum levels of efficiency standards for energy management now apply to rented commercial buildings.

How businesses can reduce water consumption

While reducing water consumption may not be at the top of many business’ priorities, increasing your water efficiency will actually provide you with many benefits, including increased green [...]

Energy management within your business

In the current climate, businesses need to be active in doing something about their carbon footprint. This can be seen to be two-fold. One of the benefits is to be recognised as a positive [...]

Smart meters helping your business control costs

Smart meters have been growing in popularity over recent years. The government is aiming for smart meters to replace the old analogue meters by 2020. With such a big push and focus on getting [...]